The Oddities Flea Market curated by Ryan Matthew Cohn is a Brooklyn based event that takes place at the Brooklyn Bazaar seasonally. Offering three floors of exciting, top of the line purveyors of the odd - there is an endless sea of strange and unusual objects. Feast your eyes on medical history ephemera, anatomical curiosities, natural history items, osteological specimens, taxidermy, home décor, jewelry, one of a kind art, bizarre flair, and more! Each market offers new and unique items from our veteran vendors and new vendors alike.

Our Story

After the sudden death of the scene, Ryan Matthew Cohn and Regina Cohn realized that the odd culture of Brooklyn had been lost.  Going into 2017, they had decided to resurrect it just as it was left off in a new location at Greenpoint's Brooklyn Bazaar. Corralling together the Morbid Anatomy's favorite vendors, some of the nation's best artists and collectors, and just a bit of luck - brought The Oddities Flea Market to life. 

As time goes on, the event grows significantly while inviting new talent along the way. The Oddities Flea Market team plans on bringing their creation on the road to cities all over the country, and possibly even the globe.

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All images provided by Jason Blake. All rights reserved.

Meet the Oddities Flea Market Team!

Ryan Matthew Cohn


Regina Marie Cohn


Executive Producer

Meagan Meli

Lead Adminstrator & Graphic Design