America: A History in Cats. Lecture with Paul Koudounaris - May 22nd

America: A History in Cats. Lecture with Paul Koudounaris

Relive American history, feline style, and join award winning author Dr. Paul Koudounaris as he reveals how our county's indomitable cats triumphed alongside its humans over a harsh landscape in a New World. Arriving on the same ships which brought our nation's forefathers, America's cats didn't just live through history, they helped to create it. Learn about cats in the Wild West and cats on the old railroads! Hear the thrilling story of the world’s first flying cat, hooked up to a self-propelled balloon constructed by a maniac in rural Pennsylvania who was determined to chase all sparrows north to Canada! Hear the poignant tale of Clementine Jones, who walked from New York to Colorado to find her family! Learn about Pooli, America’s most decorated military cat! And Pico, the United States Navy's own singing feline mascot! These and more, as we celebrate the greatness of the American cat!

And just as great as the cats themselves, this is a FREE event! AND--it will also serve as a fundraiser for BK Cat Cafe! Donations will be accepted and there will be raffle items--check posts below for updates.