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Sophia Rapata - Hammond, IN
Your Gothic Granny - NJ
Amber Maykut of Brooklyn Taxidermy - Brooklyn, NY
Cadillac & Crucifix - NYC, NY 
Chris Piazza - Brooklyn, NY
Divya Anantharaman - Brooklyn, NY 
Oddball Oddity - Brooklyn, NY
Love Lorn Lingerie - NYC, NY
Poison Apple Printshop - Pittsburgh, PA 
Caitlin McCormack (Sat only) - Philadelphia, PA
Alex Eckman-Lawn (Sat only) - Philadelphia, PA
Burke & Hare Co - Providence, RI
Gravestone Girls (Sat only) - Salem, MA
Phyla - Brooklyn, NY
Witch Baby Soap - Roselle Park, NJ
Voodooodolly - OH
Verona Black - Mamaroneck, NY
Curiosity Cabinet - Tarot Readings - Harrison, NY

Sophi Reaptress Designs (Sat Only) - Philadelphia, PA
Jeremy Hush (Sat only) - Philadelphia, PA
Rebels & Outlaws - Brooklyn, NY
Dark & Deviant Oddities - Asheville, NC
Invisible Gallery  - Brooklyn, NY
Karen Jerzyk Photo - Manchester, NH
Cat Coven - Brooklyn, NY
Riven Barrow Glass - Brooklyn, NY
Karen Bachmann - Brooklyn, NY
PUREVILE! - Brooklyn, NY
Afterlife Anatomy / Katie Innamorato - Brooklyn, NY
Rebecca Reeves - Bethlehem, PA
November Sage - Palisades Park, NJ
The Awkward Scone - Brooklyn, NY
Moss Marchen (Sat only) - Philadelphia, PA
Crooked Teeth Keys - Somerset, NJ
Shannon Danz - Palm Readings 

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All of us at the Oddities Flea Market would love to thank our sponsors
Bearded Lady Vintage & Oddities, The Mystic Museum,
La Femme En Noir and Century Guild for helping us make
this endeavor a reality!

See below for the full list of vendors attending this market, and more will be announced!

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